Plugging for /r/Pagan!

Hey all,

Apologies for being somewhat quiet here lately.  It should pick up a little bit!  Eventually.

Last month there was a bit of a coup at the Pagan subreddit (found at:, in which a few of us got moderator status from the inactive mod.  Since coming to control, we’ve had a lot of discussion and growth, and I’d like to see it continue to grow.  As such, I’m plugging it!  If you’re new, perhaps, come and check it out!  Or, if you’re inactive, perhaps you’ll contemplate coming back?

I post over there, as does Sihathor, Conor (when he can), Lupa (I don’t have her new blog address handy), and many others who may or may not have blogs.  Reddit is a good tool to connect to other Pagans who might have an interest in discussion but might not post in many other places.  Pagans of all stripes are allowed and protected to converse here, and we’ve really had nothing but very positive reviews.  Nontheists and Polytheists, philosophers and eco-spiritualists are all encouraged to post, in an effort to network, foster community, and grow as a culture (even one online).  With the obvious caveat that respect is maintained at all times, of course.

We had an impromptu Ask Me Anything about a relatively isolated Gaulish Polytheist tradition that got a great response, easily one of the busiest that the subreddit has been in the previous year or more!  I have more of those planned, as well, as soon as I can work out a schedule.

I hope that you consider coming over and checking us out.


~ by thelettuceman on May 20, 2014.

One Response to “Plugging for /r/Pagan!”

  1. Glad to see you back in WordPress land:).

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